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Welcome to The Desert Challenge!

Do not miss the opportunity to take part in either of these coast-to-coast desert races…combining sun, sand and water….Both races will start on the coast…and take you through breathtaking desert terrain to end at the coast. There are no other races like these! Subscribe or register and join us.

TransArabia: An epic foot race to cross Jordan from The Dead Sea to the Red Sea via Wadi Rum and Petra in Apri 2016.

TransOmania: Starting at the Indian Ocean near Muscat and crossing wadi’s, mountains and Oman’s beautiful Wahiba Sands desert before once again reaching the Indian Ocean.

TransArabia offfers distances of 100k/160k/300k for individuals or teams.

TransOmania offfers distances of 130k/200k/285k for individuals or teams.

Also for the first time a desert race gives you two options.

Non-stop or stage at the same event.

Choose a non-stop distance   or choose the 300k  – 6-stage race.

Daily stage distances will be approximately 50-60k each day for the stage race.

Race as individual or as part of a team.


Both now part of The Desert Challenge – 2 races in 2 countries that will ultimately lead to one incredible final race.

TransOmania edition #2 begins January 24, 2016. Both events will feature live tracking for international competitors that can be found here

Organizers have 10 years experience with creating and staging desert races.

Choose either one or come do both of them to prepare yourself for a very special race that will be announced and move from year to year.

There are also options for guests

Even if you’re not a runner you can still participate in this incredible adventure with us.

At either TransArabia or TransOmania you have the option to register as a guest of a runner and travel throughout the race with the organization. Guests will  be brought to some of the desert highlight areas such as the Dead Sea, Petra or Wadi Rum or Wahiba Sands with a guide by private 4×4 transport and given time to explore these magnificent areas before returning to our bivouacs in the desert.

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