Live Tracking


 OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED:  Live tracking on website during race. Rent GPS Tracking unit: $130.00/95

Images from our live tracking of TransOmania which began January 26th, 2014. 60+ participants from 17 countries.

God created the deserts, we are told, to test the faithful. Runners are a more recent development!

Runners departed from the 285k start at 1800 on January 26th.

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Excerpt from race:

Tuesday Jan 28th update: 39  runners are already passed to the CP4 on 41 before the time barrier of the midi. All runners are now in the single Track except the first which are between CP6 and CP5.

Dropped from race: Michel Deschamps, Nikolas Autret and Hoogan Barnes at CP2 and Sandy MacCallun at CP1- “the race is very hard!” Most runners are already well tired while most are between the KM60 and 90. Organizers are monitoring their progress on the route day and night!


Competitor List 

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