Mandatory Gear for TransArabia and TransOmania

  • Long sleeve Jacket (for cold at night)
  • Mattress – Sleeping bag
  • hydration system (flasks or bag) holding min. 3 liters
  • survival/space blanket
  • signal mirror
  • whistle
  • 2 head lamps
  • batteries and 2 sets of spare batteries
  • lighter
  • small first aid kit/blister treatment kit
  • one role of elastic band (min. 1 m)
  • compass
  • pocket knife
  • eye protection/sunglasses
  • overnight and warm clothing
  • cap/head cover
  • ¬†sunscreen/sunblock lotion
  • 3 Cyalum (glow sticks)
  • 2 paper tissues (rolls TP)

Nutrition and Drop Bags For TransOmania and TransArabia


Each runner must have 6000 calories in total, and the control must justify before departure.

Each runner has the option on the 300km to leave a drop bag with extra 2000 calories : 4000 departure + 2000 calories on drop bag

This drop bag will be transported to station/bivouac 3.

No drop bag for 160 km and 100k races.

Gear List TransArabia

Water and Checkpoints

The water CP’s will be about 20 to 30 kms apart. At each it will be mandatory to leave with 3 liters of water.¬†There will be approximately 13 CP’s for the full route and CP 13 will be the finish.