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Transomania2014-1935Sandy McCallum – Find a Way

Sandy McCallum’s race report for TransOmania (January 2014), first race in the Desert Challenge.

TransArabia will be held this November.

“Runners that toed the start line for the TransOmania 300 kilometer non-stop ultramarathon had no idea what they were in for.  This race turned out to be the most difficult, challenging event many had ever undertaken.  I think it would be safe to say that everyone underestimated how long they would be out on the course for.


The race description was for the most part accurate… but it was almost impossible to describe the terrain accurately.  I had studied the description, and zoomed over the course multiple times on google earth… but still was a bit shocked at the difficulty faced early on

The race began at 9pm Monday night.  There were to be 13 checkpoints along the way…some as far as 30 kilometers apart.  The race began with a 5 kilometer easy run to the base of “The Wall” that we had all stared at during the day.  The mountain rose above our camp and looked deceptively easy to climb.  It was 12 kilometers of switchbacks to the top of the range…which topped out at about 2100 meters.”


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I am taking on The Desert Challenge next year.  It is a new race series that includes two events…TransOmania and TransArabia.