TransArabia and TransPyrenea – limited time offer

Desert Challenge on November 15, 2014

TransArabia.TransPyrenea Promotion smallThe Desert Challenge, in association with RSO Organization is pleased to offer 10 additional places at the 2016 TransPyrenea 895 – GR10.

Although it has reached it’s registration cap of 300 assigned race bibs and registrations are no longer being taken, TransPyrenea 895 has opened its doors to include the next 10 entrants to TransArabia.

In addition, these 10 entrants will receive a €500 discount to TransPyrenea 895, which will be one of the longest non-stop races foot races ever run. If you are interested in getting into TransPyrenea 1st edition and TransArabia 1st edition this is a great opportunity.


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