New UK agent and official gear provider

Desert Challenge on July 18, 2014

We are thrilled to announce that myRaceKit is now the official agent in the UK for The Desert Challenge 

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myRaceKit is a leading UK supplier of clothing, equipment and advice for desert racing and other ultra endurance events. They help clients from all over the world to prepare for desert races and offer a wide range of brands, deep product knowledge and tailored advice based of years of experience from ultra endurance events including desert racing. In their store in Essex they offer 1-1 personal shopping and advice and a popular backpack fitting service and they are equally happy to provide remote advice for clients unable to travel. Please contact Colin and Elisabet for more information regarding registration for The Desert Challenge and for recommended gear. Confirmed entrants into the Desert Challenge will benefit from additional loyalty “Kit Points” on clothing and equipment that can be exchanged for discounts: [email protected]

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