Desert Challenge Women

Desert Challenge on October 17, 2013

We have almost 70 competitors for TransOmania in Oman…and nearly 20 percent of the field is made up of women!!!!

Fantastic strong women from around the world taking on The Desert Challenge , racing non-stop through the Omani desert bordering the Empty Quarter.

Cath Todd, (Australia) – 34 years old, Badwater Winner.  

Katia Figini ( Italy) – 37 years old, G2G Winner.

Heather Mastrianni (Canada) – 42 years old, Salt Flats 100 winner.

Sandy McCallum (Canada)  – 50 years old, Desert Guinness World Record Holder.

Brigid Wefelnberg (German) – 50 years old…multi-time MDS competitor …along with many other extremely talented women.


TransOmania – January 2014 – 10 more spaces available

TransArabia – November 2014 – early registration price until November 1st, 2013

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